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Grant & Tender Writing

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Knowledge empowered through experience

Over thirty years experience launching, improving and flipping start up businesses and SME’s.  These have been home based businesses through to large commercial enterprises.  Some have been unsuccessful, more have blossomed but every business has added depth of knowledge and experience to significantly benefit her clients.

A Rainmaker

Petina is renowned for her innovative and resourceful methods of building new businesses or re-invigorating stagnant one’s out of nothing with minimal finances or contemporary business resources.

 A recognised success story

Her successes have been recognised and celebrated through accolades, testimonials and awards including international acclaim for one particular project.


About Petina Tieman

Petina Tieman is the 100% Indigenous business owner of Complete Business Solutions (QLD) Pty Ltd.

Petina is known as the ‘driver’ of the business, doing all front-end activities of sales and marketing, stakeholder engagement, client communications and mentoring others. Most of all, Petina comes up with all the crazy ideas of new business to chase or things to try, and does not know how to say NO to a client in need.

Petina grew up in a life of abuse, adversity and transition which led to a constant changing of schools, home towns and family. Petina was raised ignorant of her Aboriginal heritage until her mid 30’s, of which time she finally understood herself better and used this as the catalyst to make significant changes in life, educating herself and focusing on career and a positive future. Petina has NO fear of any challenge in life!

Petina is renown as the “Rainmaker … Building Business, Empowering People!” possessing somewhat of a sixth sense to truly understand her clients, where they are at in life and in business, where they want or need to be, and creates the best low cost solution to help them get there – equipping and empowering the business owner with the tools and improved knowledge to implement and self-manage their future.

Petina has won multiple business and community awards, has been featured in numerous media articles, and now holds 14 qualifications, and is still studying today. Most people would not know by her down to earth humble demeanour, that Petina single handedly conceptuliased, developed and launched the Legacy of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games – a program that won International acclaim and is still running today.

Petina has shared her story to help thousands of other people in their own journeys in business or in personal life, living every day through her mantra “Lives Changed, People Empowered!” Petina has a constant thirst for knowledge in her quest to empower the lives of others, also donating an average of 15 hours per week pro-bono to mentoring people in business or in work-life balance, and volunteers for NFP’s and community group work.

Petina’s hobbies include: learning more about people; living life to the fullest; traveling out on country, spending time with her daughter (also part of the CBS team) and her wild child granddaughter; riding motorbikes, 4wd’ing, jetskiing, camping and socialising.

Other Services

Business Management:

o Developing, auditing and improving Business Management Systems and Processes including Quality (ISO 9001), Safety (AS4801 & OHSAS 18001), Environment

(ISO14001), Risk Management (ISO 31000) and Compliance Management (ISO 19600)

o Review and development of business policies, procedures, processes and plans

o Provision of business resources, guides, templates and forms

o Small and Medium Business Advisory Service


Health and Safety:

o Develop and implement safety leadership and culture

o Legislative compliance audits

o Safety inspections, audits, gap analysis, training and coaching

o Development of WHS Management Systems and WHS Information Management Systems

o Undertake simple and complex workplace investigations and root cause analysis

o Provision of an outsourced WHS Adviser Solution


Compliance & Governance:

o Legislative Compliance Obligations – Identification and plain English interpretation

o Compliance inspections, audits, gap analysis, training and coaching

o Development of Compliance Registers, Obligation Registers and Compliance Management Processes

o Workplace Compliance Investigations

o Design and implementation of Business Governance systems

o Provision of an outsourced Compliance & Governance Specialist Solution


Business Risk Management:

o Development and implementation of Enterprise Business Risk Management policy, plans and strategy

o Implementation of core risk processes and culture into the operational activities businesses (the way we do things here)

o Outsourced Business Risk Adviser Solution

o Facilitation of risk assessment workshops

o Provision of risk management tools such as matrices, registers, policies, plans and templates

o Business Continuity & Incident Emergency Plans – Develop, Implement & Test