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HSEQ Audits & Inspections


About Paul Gear

Paul Gear is an award-winning business management systems expert providing affordable and innovative solutions for all types and sizes of businesses across Australia. His business has developed, implemented, managed and audited a wide range of business management systems for businesses from 10 to 1200 employees across diverse industry groups such as engineering, construction, mining, government, hospitality, professional trades and business services.

His experience includes developing greenfield and brownfield enterprise health & safety, quality management, risk management, governance and compliance obligation frameworks that provide oversight, transparency and assurance for business owners and managers.

Supported by a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of specialists, we ensure your business governance is compliant with legislation and standards, that your business risks are effectively managed and the health and safety of your people is protected.

Paul is non-Indigenous and is known as the ‘engine room’ of the business. Paul catches Petina’s crazy ideas and influxes of work and manages the workflow process and the team.

Paul was raised 3rd generation defence forces, so also experienced a life of constantly moving, but unlike Petina moving towns or states, Paul moved across the globe. Paul’s own involvement in the Navy has seen him travel the world extensively, including third world and war-torn countries.
Paul has won National and State awards and is recognised widely as a safety risk and compliance expert! Paul can read, understand, interpret, apply and educate others on all things compliance in a way that is second to none.

Paul’s primary focus is on helping people to understand their obligations so they don’t end up in jail, with huge fines, or with someone significantly hurt.

Although Paul is non-Indigenous, he embraces and respects our Indigenous people as if they were his own family.

Paul’s hobbies include: traveling out on country, spending time with his sons and wild child granddaughter; riding motorbikes, 4wd’ing, jetskiing and camping.

Other Services

Business Management:

o Developing, auditing and improving Business Management Systems and Processes including Quality (ISO 9001), Safety (AS4801 & OHSAS 18001), Environment

(ISO14001), Risk Management (ISO 31000) and Compliance Management (ISO 19600)

o Review and development of business policies, procedures, processes and plans

o Provision of business resources, guides, templates and forms

o Small and Medium Business Advisory Service


Health and Safety:

o Develop and implement safety leadership and culture

o Legislative compliance audits

o Safety inspections, audits, gap analysis, training and coaching

o Development of WHS Management Systems and WHS Information Management Systems

o Undertake simple and complex workplace investigations and root cause analysis

o Provision of an outsourced WHS Adviser Solution

Compliance & Governance:

o Legislative Compliance Obligations – Identification and plain English interpretation

o Compliance inspections, audits, gap analysis, training and coaching

o Development of Compliance Registers, Obligation Registers and Compliance Management Processes

o Workplace Compliance Investigations

o Design and implementation of Business Governance systems

o Provision of an outsourced Compliance & Governance Specialist Solution

Business Risk Management:

o Development and implementation of Enterprise Business Risk Management policy, plans and strategy

o Implementation of core risk processes and culture into the operational activities businesses (the way we do things here)

o Outsourced Business Risk Adviser Solution

o Facilitation of risk assessment workshops

o Provision of risk management tools such as matrices, registers, policies, plans and templates

o Business Continuity & Incident Emergency Plans – Develop, Implement & Test